Franklin County

A map of Indiana locating Franklin County

Rural views of Franklin County

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Stockheughter  Covered Bridge - Franklin County

This 102' long bridge was built in 1877 over Salt Creek. It is located 15 miles southwest of Brookville the county seat and 1 mile east of Enochsburg. This view is looking southeast in the late afternoon.


Stockheughter  Covered Bridge - Franklin County

This side shot of the bridge looking northeast is one of my favorite covered bridge photos that I have taken. The timing was nearly perfect and I took it after a long day at Aurora. I had only one other subject to capture after leaving here, that being an old stone arch bridge just a short ways from here. This photo was taken in late afternoon on August 26, 2010.


Laurel Feeder Dam & West Fork of Whitewater River

Located 1.5 miles south-southwest of Laurel and about 3.5 miles northwest of Metamora. The amount of water that enters the canal at Metamora can be regulated from here. This is a very quite and peaceful place, at least when I was there. It can be reached by going south on Dam road. The photos of this area were taken on September 17, 2009.

 Laurel Feeder Dam - Another View

This view somewhat closer is looking to the northwest. The little town of Laurel would be to the right in this view. There is a parking lot nearby, however the dam and area nearby cannot be seen from Dam road.

Above Laurel Feeder Dam

A most beautiful and peaceful scene looking north-northwest from a short ways above the dam.

West Fork of Whitewater River

A view of the river from about a quarter of a mile above the dam. We were in a severe drought and the water level was very low.

Church On a Hill

This church is located about a mile west of Metamora on Hy 52. The photo is zoomed in somewhat and from a distance with some imagination, it appears a bit like a castle in Germany.

Church On a Hill

A closer look with perhaps some eagles. Both photographs were taken on afternoon of September 17, 2009.

Harvey Branch Road bridge

Harvey Branch Road Bridge

This two span stone arch bridge  built in 1885 is 40 feet long and is located northwest of Oldenburg.


Old Stone Bridge Near Oldenburg Indiana

Harvey Branch Road Bridge

A view of the bridge from above in the late afternoon sun, taken on September 17, 2009. Oldenburg is an old German town well worth a visit and the surrounding area is beautiful.


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