Old Northside

The Indianapolis old Northside  was the fashionable  neighborhood for the affluent movers and shakers of the city from the 1800's to just before World War 1. From then to the mid 1970's it was downhill with a good number of the homes being demolished. Thankfully the restoration of these fine homes and mansions became the thing to do and we still have a good number of them left.

I will not be showing these  residential beauties in an order as a tour but randomly presented. Perhaps as I  take more photos I will be able to put  them in somewhat of an order.


"Forest Home"
Home of Ovid Butler

Ovid Butler born 1801 was a successful attorney and one of the founding members of Northwestern Christian University which later became Butler University. He built this home in 1848 which was probably the first in the area. It is located at 1306 North Park and this view is looking northeast from 13th street on November 22, 2009.

Another View of "Forest Home"

This view is looking to the southwest from Park Avenue. This view shows the eastern portico. There is also one on the west side  which is said to have come from The old Bate's hotel, the predecessor of the old Claypool hotel which in turn was torn down in the 60's. Abraham LIncoln once gave a speech from it.

Gerstner-Dalrymple House

This old home in the Italianate style was built in 1873 by Mr. Gerstner a German tailor. It is located at 13th and Park, across from "Forest Home" shown above. The Italianate style was popular in the United States in the 1860′s and 70′s. Please note the matching carriage house at the rear of the property. It wasn’t until after the Civil War that homes such as this one started being built in the area. This photo was taken on Sunday morning, November 22, 2009.

An Old Majestic Jacobean Mansion

Located at 15th and Park Avenue, this house is one of my favourites. (I have many of such) It has one of the best old carriage houses anywhere in Indianapolis. This view is looking west.

This was one of my first commissioned drawings, given as a wedding present back in 1979 and I did a lot of repair and cleaning up in that drawing.

Another View of the Home

Looking to the northwest. Not many views are available of this fine home now due to the growth.

The Carriage House of the Above Mansion

A very large and handsome carriage house of which I have admired for decades.

A Beautiful Broadway Avenue Home

Located in the thirteen hundred block of North Broadway.

 Italianate Home at 1331 North Broadway

This handsome Italianate home sits nearly across from the home shown above. It was a long time being restored and is now a beautiful place. I got to tour the interior during a home show in the eighties.

1331 North Broadway - Side Yard

A view of the home looking north-northeast.

Queen Anne Home

Located on Park Avenue near 16th Street, this attractive house was in need of paint and repairs for a long time and the dome roof of the tower sit in the yard for years. I was very happy when I saw it being restored. The large carriage house can be seen behind the house. Photo was taken on November 22, 2009.

I will be posting many more photos of this neighborhood so please come back.


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