Madison Buildings

The map at the bottom of the page shows the area of the larger building views of this page in green. The blue area was visited on page 1.


Old commercial buildings on east Main in Madison Indiana

First Block of East Main
South Side

This view is looking southwest from Mulberry Street. We are now one block west of the courthouse.

Old commercial in Madison Indiana

134 East Main

A very nice old building with beautiful window  and bracket treatment and decorative painting. I took the large sign out of this view and it gives more of a peaceful view. I wish the lower facade had not been messed with, there is a lot of that tin Madison. I would think   there would be a move toward restoring them, if for nothing else but pride in the town.

Old commercial building in Madison Indiana

122 & 120 East Main

Here are a couple of Italianate buildings, one with plenty of paint of which I detest the colours and the way the eave and brackets were painted and the other needing some paint. Both however are a credit compared to the poor disfigured one to the left with the 1950's treatment. No doubt someone thinks it looks fine but it is an eyesore for sure.

These buildings are easily spotted in the whole block photo, the sixth and seventh if you go by the colour scheme and the fourth and fifth if you count the actual buildings.

The owner of the business in the white building was an aquaintance of mine back in the late 1980's. Alan is an artist and jeweler and we were set beside each other at the Madison Chautauqua Art Fair. I meant to go in and visit during lunch and forgot, perhaps next time.

Old commercial buildings in Madison Indiana

112 & 110 East Main

The white building shown above sits next to the alley and in the whole block view you can the see the open area. The two buildings in this view are the third and fourth building past the  white building. The one to the right, 110 east Main is completely hid in the whole block view.

Both of these buildings are beauties when it comes to the upper facades. The lower facades are not original but have not been changed nearly to the extent of many.

Old commercial buildinigs in madison Indiana

106 & 102 East Main

These three buildings finish out the block. The one shown partially at the left sits next to  110 East Main shown above.

The lower facade to the right has been badly altered and I took the gaudy lettering off for the sake of this image.

I was pretty lucky with this block of buildings. I believe there were two buildings that I would have liked to show but couldn't capture because of the parked vehicles and perhaps the trees. I will give it another try next time.


Current Map of Visited Areas

On this map and future ones, the green area shows the visited area of the larger building views on each particular page. This does not include the whole block view. The blue areas have previously been shown.

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