Round Barns


A Round Barn

Round Barn Near Greensburg
Decatur County

This photo taken in the afternoon of December 1, 2009 is a rather striking view thanks to the corn being harvested. I was nearly a quarter of a mile away when I shot this and I love the zoom capabilities of this camera. This is looking to the east and as you can see, they were buttoning down the hatches for winter. 

Round Barn Near Pendleton
Madison County

This barn is located a few miles northwest of Pendleton. It appears a new coat of paint is being applied, I am hopping a new roof also, otherwise it may not be around for long. Both photos were taken on November 13, 2009. 

Round Barn North of Anderson
Madison County

This barn sits very close to Hy128 and there is a house that is close to the barn to the right in this photo. Since going on private property at the right time would be the only way to get a good photo, I instead took the house out of the picture. Looking southwest on March 18, 2010. 

Round Barn Southwest of Winchester
Randolph County

I thought I had captured the near perfect photo of a round barn when I took this in the distance. When looking at the photo later I thought nah....don't care for the colour scheme. Oh well....can't win them all!

Hy 1 Round Barn

This round barn sits on Hy 1, 4.0 miles south of Pennville.


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