Map of Indiana Showing Winchester

Winchester is the county seat of Randolph and is a very small town of only around 5,000 population. I wasn't able to spend much time there but I found some interesting buildings and homes. They also have the oldest and second tallest Civil War monument in Indiana.

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Randolph County Courthouse in Winchester Indiana

 Old Randolph County Courthouse & Civil War Monument

This was the third courthouse and it was built in 1875. It lost it's mansard roof and tower in the fifties and was almost destroyed around 2005. As usual, the county commissioners as I understand it wanted to level it. This seems to be the only answer such officials have regarding anything.

It is located in the first 100 block south and west of Main & Washington. (Hy32) This view is looking southwest and was taken on July 1, 2010. I would have liked better lighting but was a bit late.

Civil Ware Monument in Winchester Indiana

 Civil War Monument

Another view of the beautiful Civil war monument which is the oldest in Indiana. One of my favorite commercial buildings in Winchester is in the background.

Civil War Statuary in Winchester Indiana

 Southeast Statuary

There are four statues near the bottom of the monument, each at a corner. This one is located at the southeast corner. I wish the lighting could have be better.

Civil War Statuary in Winchester Indiana

Southwest Statue

This one had some good early afternoon light on it.

Civil War Statuary in Winchester Indiana

Northwest Statue

This one had good light on it also. I didn't take a closeup of the northeast statue because of lack of light.

Winchester Indiana Courthouse Square - East Side

Courthouse Square - East Side

There are some nice upper building facades in this block of south Main street. The building shown above in the background can be seen at the left in this photo.

Old Commercial Building on the Winchester Indiana Courthouse Square

Building on Courthouse Square - East Side

I am showing the all of this building even though the lower part of the front facade has been mutilated. I love the upper part of the building. It sits on the southeast corner of Washington and Main streets and be seen at the far left in the photo shown above.

Davis Brothers Building on the Winchester Indiana Courthouse Square

Davis Brothers Building - East Side

This building is located on the east side of the courthouse square also. It is the second building from the right in the whole block photo shown above.

As can be seen, it was built in 1891 and has a rather elaborate cornice and window heads. Now...if only they had not bricked up the lower story of the facade.

Pretlow Block on the Winchester Indiana Courthouse Square

Pretlow Block - Courthouse Square - West Side

We will ignore the ground floor of this old building and appreciate the beautiful second floor facade. This building is located on the west side of South Meridian Street.

Old Commercial Building on the Winchester Indiana Courthouse Square

Old Building - Courthouse Square - West Side

A nice building on the northwest corner of South Meridian & West Franklin. I like the portholes and the elaborate chimney.

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