Aurora Homes

Indiana Map Showing Aurora

Aurora is a small old river town about three square miles in size with a population of around 4,000. The streets run at an angle from northwest to southeast and northeast to southwest. Most of the old houses are on 4th & 5th streets and a couple of others of which are built on a hill. I will be showing these and a few on 3rd street that are among some downtown buildings and churches.

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This magnificent mansion built for Thomas Gaff and finished in 1855 is in the Italian Renaissance  style with the front being reminiscent of a steamboat's deck. It is located on 5th street, high above the town and only about 700 feet from the Ohio River. For more information, click Here.

This view is looking south-southwest and I wish I had gotten an earlier shot of it.



This view looking southwest shows the "Steamboat" look to the mansion. We are a ways above the street in this shot.



A rear view looking north. All of these photographs of Hillforest were taken on August 26, 2010.



Another view of the rear and of the northwest end. There is also a glimpse of the Ohio river in the background.



A small turn to the right in the second image above will give this great view of the Ohio river and a very small part of Aurora. Notice the river barge pushing a load down river. This view is looking northeast.

Old House on Fifth Street

To the east toward the river a few houses from Hillforest sits this nice brick home.

Large Old House on Fifth Street

Nearly a block or so west of Hillforest on Fifth Street sits this very nice large gabled house. This one and the next three houses are located on the south side of fifth street facing toward the town of Aurora. Fifth street is the highest elevated street that runs at this angle and it is a hefty climb to get up there.

Two Story House on Fifth Street

This house is nice but I would like it better if it had a different color scheme, some nice curtains or drapes and the small structure to the left was missing. I love what I see in the house to the right but somehow I missed getting a photograph of it.

Empty Lot & Abandoned House

A short way west of the home above is this vacant lot and abandoned home.

Closeup View of the Gated Entry

I thought this closed entry to nowhere was interesting.

Abandoned House

A forgotten house it would seem. I like the balcony porch and I am sure it was a fine old mansion. Since it sets on the high side of Fifth street and farther up the hill, I would imagine  a view from the balcony would be a fine one. Would I like to get a good look of it and go inside.....absolutely!

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