Connersville Buildings


Claypool Block building in Connersville Indiana
Claypool Block

The upper part of the facade of this building is what caught my eye. It is a shame that the windows were closed up but I suppose it is better than nothing. I would think  eventually the building could have been used for something else. As you can see, it sits next the Art Deco building.


Connersville Indiana Canal House

Canal House

The Canal House was built in 1842 in the Classical Revival style as the headquarters for the Whitewater Valley Canal Company. It is located on East 4th Street just a half block from the courthouse. This view is looking south and was taken on May 15, 2010.


Historic Heineman Corner in Connersville Indiana

Historic Heineman Corner

A very old and attractive building. It is located at 5th & Eastern Avenue. These photos were taken on May 15, 2010.


Heineman building in Connersville Indiana

Historic Heineman Corner

This is a view of the back and side of the building looking north-northwest from Eastern Avenue. On the  side of the building are the words, “Historic Heineman Corner”.


Connersville Indiana Train Depot

Connersville Depot

The depot is located at 1012 North Eastern Avenue, nearly six blocks north of the building shown above. It was built in 1914.

First Division Hose House in connersville Indiana
First Division Hose House

This was the equivalent of our fire stations in 1870. It probably housed a hose cart that was pulled by men unless there used to be a horse stable nearby. I suppose the cart had an open container where water was poured into from any source that was available and then hand pumped. Later in that century they had a small engine  that would do the pumping. It is located on the northwest side of downtown at West 7th & Washington Street.


Connersville Indiana Hose House

Name & Date Stone

As you can it was built in 1870.


Old Connersville Indiana Furniture Factory

The Old Connersville Furniture Factory

Here is a magnificent old building that appears to have been restored. The business was started 1882 and this building was built in 1892. At first glimpse with the tall fence, my initial thought was that it appeared to be an old prison. This photo was taken on May 15, 2010. It is located in the northwest part of town at West Mount & North Illinois Streets.

This finishes the tour of the buildings in Connersville Indiana.

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