Falls park footbridge

Falls Park - Footbridge

A closer view of the footbridge that crosses Fall Creek. Not very picturesque but serves the purpose…and it is decked out for Christmas.

Falls park view of Fall creek

Falls Park - Mini Falls

This small fall of water is nearly two hundred feet or so upstream from the green footbridge. From here on back deeper into the park it is a rather quiet and peaceful walk, unless the park is packed with people of course.

Fall creek at Falls park in Pendleton

Falls Park - Mini Falls

Looking across Fall creek at the small falls. I had lost my sunshine by this time but even so, it is a very colorful scene.

Fall creek in Pendleton Indiana

Falls Park - A View Upstream

A peaceful scene upstream showing the path along the creek. About five hundred feet or so past the footbridge, the path forks and you may cross the creek there also. While walking along the path I thought it would be nice if there were trails in the woods across the creek….there are…about sevens miles total in the park. These photos were taken on November 13, 2009.

Falls park hiking trail

Falls Park - Hiking Trail

The view after crossing the second footbridge over Fall Creek. There are about seven miles of trails in the park, not all are graveled as seen here. I have probably hiked more than my share in the woods and various parks in my lifetime but one thing I have not seen while doing so…..street signs! I don't believe such signs are needed in the woods and wish they would be taken down. It is a beautiful park, I wish I had one like it near me…I would sure use it.

Falls park hiking trails

Falls Park - Hiking Trails

Plenty of trails....which one appears to be the question. I didn’t have much sunlight by this time and perhaps it is for the better.

Falls park hiking trails

Falls Park - Hiking Trails

Which way to go? I had just up from the right and chose to go leftward and deeper  into the park. I think some dark wooden posts with trail numbers would be nice along with some maps (of which I understand they have) instead of these gaudy signs. Anyway….I just had to show some trail views before we left the park, I may return in the Spring for a couple of views, and there is an interesting barn and a pond at the far end of the park I might wish to show. All three views were taken on November 13, 2009.

Huntsville Road iron bridge

Huntsville Road Iron Bridge

This bridge sits at or near the east edge of Falls Park. It was built around 1920 and is 121 feet long. This view is looking southeast.

Huntsville Road iron bridge

Huntsville Road Iron Bridge

Portal view of the Huntsville Pike iron bridge looking northeast. When it reaches the park, Huntsville Pike changes to Falls Park Drive. These photos were taken on November 13, 2009.

Falls park railroad viaduct

Falls Park - A Peaceful Scene

A peaceful scene of Fall Creek with the six span railroad overpass in the distance. This view is looking northwest from near the iron bridge.

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