Decatur County


A tile barn silo

Farm Homestead West of Greensburg

I was still thinking…barns to draw and paint when coming down a hill and rounding a curve, I saw several farm buildings on the right and a barn, house and two privies on the left. I was excited to find so much subject matter to work from.

This barn boasts of something not seen often....a silo made of tile. The photos of this old farming complex were taken on a most beautiful day late summer day, September 14, 2009.

Small farm out building

A Small Out Building

This small structure is just to the left and out of sight in the image shown above. The cow seemed very inquisitive as to what I was up to.

Cows feeding

Another View with More Cows

A group of cows near the small outbuilding. They were a very curious crowd a few minutes before watching my every move as I walked up and down the road taking photos. Cows amuse me sometimes, so inquisitive…or perhaps they just think I have something to eat. Sometime I may tell about how a cow once protected me from a mean goose!

Old farm scene

 Another View of the Barns

This   scene shows   the  small  outbuilding  and the two other farm buildings from a different angle.

Old barn

Another Barn to the Farmstead

This is the barn on the other side of the road  from the farm building shown above.  It isn't the most picturesque barn due to the different materials but it has been in the past.



The two outhouses a ways from the farmhouse. I like this farm in that they haven’t torn everything down as most have done.

Stone arch bridge

Three Span Stone Arch Bridge

This old  bridge is three miles southwest of Greensburg on CR250S. This view is looking northwest.

View of stream

View From the Bridge Shown Above

Looking north at the fields and stream from the bridge. These photos were taken on a beautiful day, December 1, 2009.

Old barn with a red roof

An Old Barn Near Adams

A picturesque old barn, wish it had the top of it's silo. This is another one that caught my eye for a possible painting.


A rusty old barn

A Rusty Old Barn in Adams

This barn has surprisingly survived even though it's surroundings have.


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