Lockerbie Square

Lockerbie Square is the oldest remaining residential neighborhood and consists of small cottages to large homes. The original area was bounded by Michigan and New York Streets to the north and south, and College Avenue and East street to the east and west. This area is divided north and south by Park Avenue and east and west by Vermont Avenue and Lockerbie Street. This is the area and streets I will cover and then only certain homes.

The most famous resident of the area is James Whitcomb Riley, the famed poet and the mansion is simply known as the “Riley Home”. This mansion was built in 1872 by John Nickum and was later owned by Major Holstein of which Riley rented a few rooms for the last twenty three years of his life. The home is located at 528 East Lockerbie.


James Whitcomb Riley home in Lockerbie Square

Riley Home

A beautiful Italianate home, inside and out, a case of preservation instead of restoration.  This one block of Lockerbie street is still made up of old coblestones. This view is Looking northeast.

I first became interested in this neighborhood in the seventies when I started doing ink drawings of old architecture. There were very few restored houses then and all of my photos were in black and white. Now I am starting over in colour.

Victorian mansion in Lockerbie Square

A Beautiful Lockerbie Mansion

A nice large old home which is difficult to photograph for the trees. It sits on the south side of Lockerbie street directly across from the Riley home. This photo and the others were taken on April 13, 2010.

The Despa cottage

The Despa Cottage

This Italianate styled cottage was built in 1863 by Johan Despa and is typical of the working class house. It sits east of the Riley home on Lockerbie street and across from the house in the previous post. This view looks to the northeast. 

A small cottage in Lockerbie Square

A Small Wood Framed Cottage

This small cottage is located east of the house shown two photos up which can be seen  behind the cottage in this view. I have always liked this small cottage and wish I could have gotten other views of it but couldn’t because of the parked cars.  This view is looking west-southwest and was taken on the morning of April 13, 2010. 

The George Holler cottage

The George Holler Cottage

A small cottage at Lockerbie & Park,. It is actually on park but I wanted to sort of connect Lockerbie street which ends at the right of this photos but starts again in front of this cottages. This house can also be seen  to the left of the house shown above. It was built around 1863. This was one of the first homes to be restored starting around 1970. This view is looking southwest and was taken on the morning of April 13, 2010.

Victorian home in Lockerbie Square

Home at Lockerbie & Park

This house  sits across Park Avenue from the yellow house shown above on the southeast corner of Lockerbie and Park. Lockerbie street makes a jag at Park Avenue, this block of Lockerbie tees into Park at the yellow house and is about one lot south of the other block of Lockerbie where the Riley home is located. 

A two story victorian in Lockerbie Square

A Two Story  Brick House

Just east of the home above sits this two story brick house. This view is looking to the southeast. 

Brick victorian house in Lockerbie Square

Another View of the House

Another view somewhat obscured by the tree. Since this house is difficult to see I have shown two views. This is looking southwest and both photos were taken on the morning and afternoon of April 13, 2010. 

An old double dwelling in Lockerbie Square

A Large Double Dwelling

This double  sits across the street from the house shown above and the view was taken in front of the second house above. We are Looking to the northeast in this photo. 

A victorian double residence

Another View of the Double Residence

This view is looking to the northwest. I remember when this house was being restored in the late 70′s.  The photos were taken on the morning and afternoon of April 13, 2010.

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