Brookville Buildings


Old bank building at 5th & Main in Brookville Indiana

Old Bank Building

Located at 500 North Main this is my favourite commercial building in Brookville. It was built around 1895 in the Romanesque style which has a heavy feel with  large blocks of stone and arches and it lent itself to commercial buildings than to homes unless they were very large.

If you ever in Brookville and wish to capture this building, don't expect to get a shot just like this one. As with most buildings in just isn't possible.

Before showing another view of this fine building I am going to do something a little different. Since the business district only goes one half block to the west I will show you the building to the left of the white one in this view and then we will continue north on Main Street.

Morin Theatre in Brookville Indiana

Morin Theatre

Built around 1935 of what looks like glazed tile blocks, it is located on West 5th. While I am not into theatres I do find many of them interesting, especially in small towns.

Old bank building in Brookville Indiana

Old Bank Building

Now we are back at the old bank building shown two photos above. This view gives a good look at the arched and pillored entries. No lack of detail, pride and workmanship in these buildings. Much more interesting than a plain glass or brick building wouldn't you say?

Italianate Commercial building in 528 North Main in Brookville Indiana

Italianate Commercial Building

Located at 528 & 530 North Main, this building was built circa 1880. This one is great with the old lower facade along with an awning as it no doubt had at the turn of the century.

The Italianate style of architecture made for great downtown buildings, each with different cornices and brackets along with differences in  windows and colours but all sort of blending and belonging to each other.

I would have loved to be able to include the building between this one and the bank shown above but it wasn't possible because of parked automobiles.  As you have probably noticed by now.....I don't care for parked vehicles in my building shots.

Federal styled commercial buildings in Brookville Indiana

548 North Main

This is an old Federal styled commercial building dating to around 1840. The lower facade of course has been messed around with quite a bit. It is the third building from the one shown above.

Old commercial building at 556 north Main street in Brookville Indiana

556 North Main

A very fine building from the  late 1800's. It has a nice lower facade and awning and check out the ornate work at the top!

Old commercial buildings in Brookville Indiana

614 & 616 North Main

Beautiful upper facade, to bad about the lower part. This dates about 1885.

622 North Main street in Brookville Indiana

622 North Main

Another old Federal commercial building from about 1840 and with a decent lower facade.

Police station in Brookville Indiana

Police Station

Located at 634 North Main, two building from the one shown above. This is Neo-Classical in design and was built at the turn of the century.

Old buildings in 600 block of north Main street in Brookville Indiana

A Partial View of the 600 Block

A view of the last three buildings and the one to the left of the police station. It was built around 1890.

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