building mural in Frankfort Indiana

West Building Mural - Closeup

A closeup view of the left end of the mural.

Old commercial in Frankfort Indiana

A Very Early Building on North Main

This very old building is also on the west side of North Main, just a half block north of the murals.

Police station in Frankfort Indiana

Police Station

A very attractive police station located one block west of the courthouse on Columbia Street.

Old building in Frankfort Indiana

An Old Building Used for What?

Located on West Morrison, this old and abandoned building  fascinated me. The building looks to be perhaps a former school while the entry could go for a church if pushed hard enough.

Victorian house in Frankfort Indiana

An Elaborate Old House

Located on West Clinton Street, it appears to have been forgotten. I has beautiful leaded windows, stone and tile wall work, and a chimney with character.

Closeup view of old chimney

Closeup of the Chimney and Wall

Former brick layer here...I love those old chimneys! A little special care and design can be seen in the wall also. Blocks of stone and tile I believe. This would surely be a beautiful home restored.

Victorian fancy brick work

An Enlargement of Wall Detail

A nice design of stone and tile. 

Victorian house in Frankfort Indiana

A Beautiful Home on West Jefferson

One block north of the house shown above is this beauty.  I love the beautiful second story windows.

C.M. Pratt home in Frankfort

C.M. Pratt Home?

Was this home built by Mr Pratt and is it of the same stone that was used to build "Old Stoney". Not much information available and now I wish I could have had the time to talk to someone at the house that day. As can be seen, it is being restored. This view is looking to the north-northeast from Washington Street.

This house caught my attention from a good distance away. Anyone that is familiar with my blog or website, knows that I love turrets and towers. So....take a gander at that tower, it it my favorite feature of this house....No!

C.M. Pratt home in Frankfort Indiana

C.M. Pratt Home?

Here is a good view looking north-northwest at the turret and tower. Although I am not a fan of Romanesque architecture for residential use, this house has a lot going for it. still haven't seen what small feature that catches my eye on this one.

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