Hancock County

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Small Barn & Silo

This barn and silo is on Hy 9 south of Greenfield. It wasn't the best time of day but figured I had better take while I could.

Eastern Hancock County

I like this old barn and silo and the horse cooperated so well.

Old Barn in Northern Hancock County

I have taken several photographs of this barn but this was at a great time.

 A White Barn Northwest of Greenfield

This barn is near where I used to live. I would like to do a painting of it but there isn't enough room by the road.


An Old Barn West of Greenfield

This barn was torn down in about 2012.


Barn in Northern Hancock County

A nice shady place in the morning.


An Old House With Many Additions

This old house is west of Greenfield. It is the old additions in the rear that attracted me.


Dilapidated Old Barn in Northern Hancock County

Not much left.

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