Knightstown was settled in 1819, incorporated in 1837 and now has a population of about 2200. It is located about 33 miles east of downtown Indianapolis on US40 in southwest Henry County. The town has many fine old homes and buildings of which I will be presenting. We will begin at the east side of town on US40 and work our way to the west edge of town. Afterwards we will visit a few side streets.

I would like to mention that Ed Knight has given me permission to use information from his very interesting website on Knightstown so I will be adding a line here and there for more interest. If you have any questions or wish to go into the history of Knightstown and view some nice old photographs, go to his Website. I believe you will enjoy it!

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Italianate house in Knightsttown Indiana

An Italianate Home at US40 & Adams

This  Italianate home  appeals to me very much, perhaps it is the porch. I had to rescue this view from the modern necessities, otherwise it would have been too busy to enjoy. The houses to the left were very nice also. This view looks to the southeast and was  taken on November 28, 2009. 

Old cmmercial buildings in Knightstown Indiana

200 Block of East Main - North Side

Old buildings along main street which is Hy40 or the ‘Old National Road’. Jefferson street intersects Main toward the left end of the photo at the stop light. The Morgan building with the fancy turret is at the right. The handsome old buildings that would have been to the right out of view in this photo were destroyed. This view is looking northwest.

Morgan building tower in Knightstown Indiana

Morgan Building Tower Detail

Closeup of the turret on the Morgan building at 120 east Main street. My favorite commercial building in Knightstown.

Morgan building detail in Knightstown Indiana

Morgan Building Detail

Some very beautiful and ornate brick and stonework on the upper facade. The First National Bank  occupied  this building years ago.

Old commercial buildings in Knightstown Indiana

200 Block of East Main - South side

The buildings on the south side of the 200 block of east Main street. This photo was taken from Main and Jefferson streets in front of the turreted building and is looking southeast.

old turreted commercial building

Turreted Building at Main and Jefferson

This building sits on the northwest corner of Main and Jefferson streets and can be seen in the distance in the fourth photograph above. The previous building was destroyed by fire on October 17, 1899 and this building was probably built in 1900. It looks similar to the former building in that the old Masonic Temple building had four gables, an upper level turret, long windows and even the lower corner area is similar in a way.

This view is looking northwest and has an a rather “old time” feel to it. This is due to the fact that I took out the newer power poles, wires, signs, and other modern distractions including sales banners in the storefront windows and left the old power poles and wires in.


Old commercial building tower

Turret Detail at Main & Jefferson

Here is a closeup of the turret minus the wires. Although it has been altered through the years, having had longer windows of glass and not glass blocks, it is still attractive and adds much to the old time historic feel of Knightstown.

Old commercial buildings

100 Block of East Main - North Side

A view of the  buildings in the west half of the 100 Block of east Main on the north side. So basically Knightstown consists of two blocks of old connected buildings on the north side of Main street and one block of the same on the south side of Main street.

At the left of this image is Franklin street, and on the northeast corner, further to the left, is a gas station. Next to it is a beautiful old home, French Second Empire in design with a tower. On the next page I will show you an unusual view of it.


Old commercial buldiing in Knightstown Indiana

20 East Main

A closeup and cleaner view of the building shown above.

Old house in Knightstown

Old Home in 100 Block of East Main - South Side

This old home  sits across the street almost directly from the block of old buildings shown in the second photo above. This view is looking to the southeast in the afternoon of November 28, 2009.

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