Rick's Theatre

Rick's Theatre is on the left in this photograph taken in the early morning of September 17, 2010. I don't know anything about the building on the right. Several buildings that were located to the right were destroyed by arson fire in about 2002 according to someone I talked to while taking earlier photos.

Old commercial building in Greenfield Indiana

First Block of West Main - South Side

These beautiful old buildings line the eastern half Main street on the south side. The modern building on the left is the new City Hall which sits on the corner. I normally ignore such but realized the  colorful reflection of the buildings across the street are quite interesting.

The second building from the left is the A.J. Banks building and the next one is the Dobins building.

A.J. Banks building in Greenfield Indiana

A.J. Banks Building

A detail shot of the upper facade of the Block & Banks building at 13 & 15 West Main. They put a lot of detail and design in their buildings back then and took great pride in them as well they should have.

Dobins building in Greenfield Indiana

Dobins Building

Detail of the Dobins Building at 17-19 West Main. Of course I love the arched windows, bracketed eaves and porthole windows…one of the more ornate buildings in Greenfield. The deep dark green awnings help set this building off also. There is a move on in Greenfield to emphasize these beautiful and rare architectural gems. I wish more folks would realize the heritage they have and appreciate it. These photos were taken on November 8, 2009. 

Old commercial building in Greenfield Indiana

First Block of West Main - South Side

The buildings shown in this view finish out the south side of the first block of West Main. The first building on the left which now houses ‘Red Ribbon Antiques’ is very note worthy as to the original architecture. The upper stories of a couple of others are still somewhat intact. We are looking to the southwest in these photos which were taken on Sunday, November 8, 2009.

Old houses in Greenfield Indiana

Second Block of West Main

Continuing west Main street, here is a view looking northeast at the eastern half of the block on the south side. The Bradley Methodist church which sits on the Main and Pennsylvania is on the far right. The white house on the left is the Riley home.

The homes between have been "spruced up" in years past which is good to see. Let's take a  look at each of these houses.

A Gothic house

Gothic House

West of the Bradley Methodist Church is this small Gothic styled house probably built in the 1850's or 60's. I like this view looking northeast the best as it shows the interesting extension in the rear.

Towered victorian home

The Blue House on West Main

West of the Gothic house above, is rather blue house. I love towers and turrets and that is the main reason for showing this house. This view is looking northeast.

Federal house

Federal-Italianate Home on West Main

This home looks much like the Riley Home. We are looking  to the northwest in this view.

Old houses in Greenfield Indiana

Green House on West Main

Continuing west is this green house. A different view of the second story open area. I couldn't show it individually because of the truck parked toward the right.

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