Old commercial building in Greenfield Indiana

Greenfield Soup Kitchen

Returning back to the courthouse and then proceeding eastward to the next block, is this very bright building that sits on East Main and the alley. I was told that buggies were sold here and perhaps made here also. The building doesn't appear old enough for that but it was a rather interesting comment.

It is now the soup kitchen. I have been eaten there couple of times and the food was pretty good and for what ever you wish to donate. I found the old print of a 3D type of drawing of very early Greenfield very interesting. It shows buildings with the names that have been gone longer then most of us could remember. It would be worth it to go there just to look at it in my opinion. There isn't anything else on East Main of interest to me except the park and we will visit that later.

Barr & Morford building in Greenfield

Barr & Morford Building

Now we return to State Street Hy9 which goes by courthouse on the west side. This building is located at 20 north State, a couple of buildings north of the Masonic Lodge building on Main street that we visited earlier.

Built in 1898, it is not as old or ornate as many other buildings but it is very noteworthy. I love the extra brick detail (I was a brick layer in my young years) and the building information in stone. Whether it is original or rebuilt, the lower facade is beautiful.

Old city building in Greenfield Indiana

Old City Building

Proceeding north on State Street for half a block and turning left or west on North street is the old City Building which was built in the summer of 1895. One purpose of it was to house the city’s fire pumper & hose wagon pulled by “Old Tom”. This view is looking to the southwest. 

Old city building in Greenfield Indiana

Old City Building

A closer look at this fine old building.

Old Carnegie library in Greenfield Indiana

Old Carnegie Library

The old library sits across the street from the old City Building at 100 west North street. It was built around 1909 and was used until about 1985. I spent some enjoyable time there in 1979 when I lived in Greenfield. Looking northwest.

Riley school remains in Greenfield Indiana

Remains of the Old Riley  School

This structure and parking lot fill out the rest of the north side of the 100 block of west North. The light stone arches are all that remains from the three story school that burned in 1985. It was in the Romanesque style with large stone blocks, arches and a tower. I did a couple of drawings of it, one was done on location and the other was commissioned by the firm that was doing the remodeling of the building. The school was being turned into condominiums, the first was finished and tours were given during the Rilley festival in 1984. I loved the old school and it was a tough one to lose. This photo were taken on November 8, 2009 and  is looking north. 

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