Pioneer Village


Map of the Pioneer Village

Spring Mill Village

South End of the Village

This is the view of the south end of the village from near the grist mill and upper residence. From left to right are….the distillery, tavern and pottery shop. According to the map the road started veering toward the right shortly before this point and made it’s way up the hill to the right of the pottery shop. Wherever it headed…it must have been a rough and steep climb.

Tavern at Spring Mill Village

The Village Tavern

A close view of the tavern from in front of the distillery looking to the southeast. A place for weary travelers to refresh themselves and sleep. A common place also for some of the townsmen to spend an evening. The original tavern was built in 1824, this reproduction was probably built in the 1930′s.

Spring Mill Village tavern

Another View of the Tavern

Looking southwest from the rear of the distillery. The Pottery shop is to the right behind the tavern.

Pioneer tavern at Spring Mill state park

Another View of the Tavern

This view of the tavern shows the road going north through the village and the distillery and mill in the distance.

Interior view of the pioner tavern at Spring Mill Village

The Village Tavern - Interior

An interior view of the tavern just a bit inside the door and looking to the northeast. This was my first time in this building in nearly fifty years of visiting this place. What a rough way of life in the early 1800′s!

Pottery cabin at Spring Mill Village

The Pottery Cabin

This view of the log cabin was taken from the southeast corner of the tavern and is looking west-southwest. This cabin was moved here, I don’t know where it was originally.

Pottery cabin Spring Mill Village

Another of the Pottery Cabin

I returned to this cabin hoping to get an interior shot but they were closing and I didn’t wish to delay their doing so. Looking southwest.

Pioneer distillery at Spring Mill Village

The Distillery

The distillery from in front of the tavern looking to the northeast, the grist mill is to the left. The Montgomery brothers were the second owners of the village and they built the distillery in the 1820′s.

Pioneer log distillery at Spring Mill Village

Another View of the Distillery

A view of the distillery looking southeast, the tavern is to the right.

Old log distillery at Spring Mill Village

The North End of the Distillery

Looking south-southwest at the distillery. The pottery shop is behind it to the right and the chimney of the tavern can be seen to the left.

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